I am constantly exploring the mutually dependent relationship between man and nature by re- interpreting what I see and feel. This is the soul of my art. Deciphering how the different species interplay and react with one another has always intrigued me. Through my abstract mixed media and collage artworks, I attempt this search with a great sense of adventure and excitement.

When creating my art , my main focus lies in the instinctive movement and rhythm of my strokes , painting with emotion and from my heart. My creations are characterized by applications of color in both painterly and geometric compositions in water media, pastel, collage and oils, while abstractly echoing what I see in nature. I constantly seek to modify my approach, resisting the comfort of tendency and maintaining the freshness of an uncharted territory. Max Ernst, Franz Kline, Gustav Klimt, Rauschenberg, Brice Marden, Pia Fries, Philip Guston and Wolf Kahn are some of my favorite artists and influence and inspire me to paint with confidence.

I hail from Brooklyn, NY and Northern Virginia and have been painting since my youth. After a 30-year career as an R.N., I decided to go into art full-time. I was a member of the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center Studio Artists in VA. , where I maintained a working studio for 8 years. I have also conducted art workshops and given demonstrations to numerous art leagues and local social groups.

I've attended numerous workshops, as well as studio classes at the Brooklyn Museum in NY and The Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. Living at the shore will influence the subject of my new works, as I settle into my new Bethany Beach home with my husband, Mike and my shichon, Aquarius. My artwork can also be seen at the Rehoboth Art League and